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Nevada Global offers a variety of programs for English-language learners at any level. Whether you want to bolster your English-language proficiency before entering a degree program, or you simply want to advance your English skills, we have a program that will help meet your academic, personal, and professional goals.

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Seeking to improve your English speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills in a traditional campus setting? Whether your goals are professional, personal or cultural, Nevada Global offers study options that will fit your unique needs as an international student.

  • An immersive campus experience: As a Nevada Global Intensive English Program student, you will experience life on campus and in the U.S., while advancing your English-language skills.
  • No test score required: There is no academic or language requirement for admission to the Intensive English program. Students may be accepted without a language test.

Program Description
Through the Intensive English Program, students take courses that focus on two areas: strengthening students’ English-language skills and enhancing their knowledge of U.S. academic and regional culture.

Program Structure
During the program, students will take:

  • Reading and Writing: 10 hours
    Students focus on high-interest topics and develop skills they can use for personal or academic purposes.
  • Speaking and Listening: 10 hours
    Students gain skills to succeed in and our of the classroom through collaborative learning activities.

Total weekly program hours = 20 hours

Improve your English skills to meet your academic goals! Enroll in our semester-long Academic English Program now to best prepare you for academic success.

Benefits to You:

  • Following completion of the Academic English Program you will progress into the Nevada Global Accelerator program that is right for you depending on your English language proficiency.
  • Participating in campus life will help you adjust to your new home and achieve academic success.

Program Description
The Academic English Program aligns with the university semester. Students study English for Academic Purposes in a university classroom setting.

Program Structure
Courses prepare degree-seeking students to efficiently read academic texts, write coherent academic assignments and participate in their classroom lectures and discussions with confidence. Students will take:

  • Applied Integrative Skills: 10 hours
    Students focus on improving their listening and speaking skills for the academic realm. They listen to and analyze talks and conversations, participate in group work activities, practice various presentation styles, and learn note-taking skills. The course combines in-class presentation and practice from classroom texts with extensive reading practice and online self-study that reviews and expands on the classroom material.
  • Grammar in Context: 10 hours
    Students learn to speak and write about facts and ideas related to their daily lives by improving the accuracy of the grammatical structures they use and expanding their vocabulary. Through text and speech analysis, guided practice exercises and communicative tasks, students study the form, meaning and use of new grammatical structures and work to integrate them into their everyday language production.

Total Weekly Classroom Hours = 20 hours

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